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Women's World Cup 2003 - Match descriptive Info

Match Descriptive

Poland beat Argentina 3-0 (25-16, 25-18, 25-21) - duration 1:07
13-Nov, start time: 15:05, end time: 16:12 - Attendance: 605
Poland crushes Argentina for third World Cup victory
The Argentines, who have only one victory in the tournament at expense of Egypt, were outclassed by the tall and powerful Polish lineup which showed little mercy on their way to delivering the South Americans' eighth defeat in this eleven match series.
Both teams started nervously, exchanging mistakes, especially in the serves. With the score tied 9-all, Katarzyna Skowronska attacked and served for a two point lead and the Poles increased it to five with a couple of blocks by Maria Litkoras and a spike by Glinka, the leading scorer of the World Cup. Two spikes by Kamila Fratczak sent the score 21-14, and a subtle touch by Malgorzata Niemczyk closed the first set.
The second set was showtime for Glinka who left the Argentines flatfooted and helpless. She scored three successive bombs for a 10-4 margin and had 7 spikes for the set.
Argentina battled back in the third and had a 17-14 lead after a touch by Georgina Pinedo, spike by Karina Pacheco and ace by Pinedo. But the Europeans Champions came back with Glinka providing a spike and Litkoras adding a block and a kill to tie at 18. Then at 20-all Glinka, Izabela Belcik and Izabela Zebrowska added three important points to put the match out of the Argentina's reach. Fratczak had 11 points for Poland and Pinedo and Maria Vicente had 11 and 10 respectively for Argentina.