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A second Thai party in Nakhon Ratchasima, Germany defeated in 4 sets

Thai star Wanitchaya lobbing through the German block
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, July 4, 2009. With an outstanding performance, deriving especially from a classy reception, the hosts of Thailand outplayed Germany in four sets (25-23, 25-9, 20-25, 25-18) to give the local audience something to really cheer about. The competition hall located in the Mall Convention Center was completely packed, especially with students and frenzied kids, as the Thai girls were warming up for their second match in this Championship. Germany was seeking for redemption after having been totally outclassed in yesterday’s opening with Serbia and that game was likely to play a key role in keeping alive the German hopes to make it among the top 8. The atmosphere in the hall was definitely weird, with at least three small orchestras – with drums and traditional Thai instruments – setting the tone for the local girls in their quest for home glory. The Thais had a convincing start yesterday against Egypt but today’s task was expected to be much tougher.
Thailand started off in great fashion, with Sureeporn Traijorhor scoring a couple of aces and pushing the German coach to ask for an immediate time-out (4-0). The Europeans quite rapidly overcame the pressure deriving from playing in front of such an amazing audience and leveled the count at 4. Profiting of such a terrific ambiance, with the people accompanying any single touch of the ball, the Thais stormed ahead again for the first technical break displaying their great skills in reception and well varying their offensive solutions. Captain Sutadta fired up her fans with some great actions at the net as the hosts gained the right self-confidence and continued setting the pace of the game (16-10). The final section of the set was absolutely breath-taking: Germany fought back up to 22-23, captain Sutadta secured a first set ball for Thailand, but the girls in white successfully counterattacked in the very next rally; it did not last too long until Wanitchaya – the real local star, being a native of the Nakhon Ratchasima province – spiked over the German block to finish the job at 25-23 among the deafening choirs of the Thai fans.
Thailand proceeded in that marvelous run in the opening of the second set, with an incredible 6-0 break; the local girls did a stunning job especially in reception, striving for spectacular savings and prolonging all rallies in such a great way that even some senior teams might find difficult to emulate. The hosts seemed unstoppable and German coach Brauer – in spite of the instructions given during the time-outs and a few substitutions – did not really find the key to invert this difficult trend (16-7). Again, as in yesterday’s match against Serbia and especially in comparison with the startling performance of the Thais in that specific skill, the German reception was definitely too shaky and with such lack of consistency there was no way to stop the Thai party in the stands (25-9).
In the third set the Germans were well aware that they had their last chance to maintain some hopes to make it to the next round and played quite aggressively up to the second technical break. Thailand slowed down a bit – that was normal after two marvelous sets – but still aimed at closing the match as quick as possible and therefore the hosts gave it all to avoid the fourth set. However, they lost the right focus in the last rallies so that Germany succeeded in prolonging the match at least up to the fourth set (25-20).
The teams battled point-to-point in the fourth set until Thailand re-gained back the rhythm and enthusiasm of the first two sets to sail away up to 21-10 to get ready for the final rush and secure a berth among the top 8 teams in the world. The Thai defense was absolutely majestic and after having failed to silver 5 match balls, Guedpard put an end to the match for the final 3-1.

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