Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Italy won first match in second round

Argentina's Castellani receiving
Sebastian Sole, Captain of Argentina:  “We played really bad today  we did not manage to make it.”
Filippo Lanza, Captain of Italy: “It was a great match. We started really well and we played well for most of the match. We unfortunately had some moments during which we could not focus properly, as in the fourth set, but we got out of it. We hope to go on like this and to finish this Championship in the fifth position.”
Fabian Muraco, Coach of Argentina:
“First of all I would like to give my congratulations to the Italian team. It was a difficult match and we committed many mistakes during the entire match. We have to raise up the team and focus on the next match against Iran.”
Mario Barbiero, Coach of Italy: “My team had to liven up and this match was fundamental as it is the first match we are able to win during this Second Round. I can see some improvements in my team and that is very important for me. I would also like to give my congratulations to the Argentinean captain as he is a very professional man. My guys were disappointed because of the defeats of the last days but I am sure that we are working properly and we can now aim at reaching the fifth position.”

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