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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Brazil: "We started nervous against Germany"

Press conference Brazil-Germany

Mr. Antonio Marcos Lerbach – Brazil Head Coach: "We started something nervous in the first set, we played bad. After that we made our adjustments to defeat a great team like Germany".

Mr. Murilo Radke – Brazil Team Captain: “Happy for the victory, after losing the first set our team proved that we can recover and dominate the match”.

Mr. Söhnke HINZ – Germany Head Coach: "We played in a great level in the first set, maybe a perfect performance. But after that Brazil showed their power. This pool is very hard and tomorrow my team is ready to beat France”.

Mr. Denys Kaliberda – Germany Team Captain: “We could not maintain our game. My team lost the concentration after winning the first set, but now we are preparing for the most important match tomorrow against France”.