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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Mexico: "We are ready for Russia"

Mr. Carlos Rodríguez – Puerto Rico Head Coach: “This was a great game, the people here enjoyed high level volleyball. After leading 14-11 in the last set, we could not the reach 15 points, Mexico played better each game, congratulations for Jorge for the great job. Now we are prepared to face Germany”


Mr. Edgardo González – Puerto Rico Team Captain: “Our team is ready to play 9-12 place. Mexico played great volleyball and my team continues working hard for the ninth place”

Mr. Jorge Azair – Mexico Head Coach: “I give all the credit to my players that never surrendered in this great performance. Now we are ready for Russia, is a big team and difficult opponent, but my team is ready for them”.

Mr. Leonardo Manzo – Mexico Team Captain: “Is a great victory.  Very happy with the result, in this round we tested our team, our first round pool was very hard. Now we concentrated in Russia ”.