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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
The style of China made it difficult for Belgium


Captain Bram Van den Dries: "The Chinese play a different style than the one we are used to and it was very difficult for us to stop them with our block. They showed a very good reception and in the other hand we made many mistakes with our serves."

Head Coach Emile Rousseaux: "No team in Europe play like China with that good passing and fast combinations. For the first time my guys face that kind of playing. In the first set we touched a lot of balls with our blocking and could play better but it was not the same after that. In general terms we played close to China if you check stats but the difference is also the mentality. They fight for every ball and my guys need to learn from that."


Captain Li Runming: "We did a lot of preparation before playing against Belgium which is a strong team with powerful attack. I think at the start of the match we were a little over anxious trying to do too much. But after winning the second set the confidence arrived and we played much better."

Player Chen Ping: "We felt some pressure at the start of the match and the Belgian players hit so hard. The stress went away with the match going on and we did not let the emotions to catch us, so being more relaxed after the second set was a big factor."

Head Coach Li Mu: "My players have done a very good job against a good team as Belgium and I feel very happy and satisfied with the victory in the first match of this round. I think the players coming from the bench also did a nice job. I think the key for the victory was the desire of fighting for every point and never losing the hope."