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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
France: "This victory is important to us"

French head coach Trillon and captain Toniutti

Mr. Jocelyn Trillon - France Head Coach: “We played well to be our first match in the Championship. This victory is important to us, now the players entered in the competition and will be more relaxed for following matches. Also today was perfect to make some adjustments in our game”.

Mr. Benjamin Tonjutti – France Team Captain: “It was a difficult first match; we worked good and win that is important. In addition worked in our defense, that included my performance”.

Mr. Nawar Emad Eldin – Egypt Head Coach: "France is a great team and demonstrates it; we are the second team of Africa zone. My team is a new group only played two friendly matches before today”.

Mr. Youssef Raafat – Egypt Team Captain: “France is a very good team and one of the favorites to fight the title here in Mexico, but we are going to play hard tomorrow and  look for a good demonstration”.