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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Germany: "We love Volleyball"

German and French captains after the press conference

Mr. Söhnke HINZ – Germany Head Coach: “This is the fascination of this game. My team played in high level in the two sets, later we lost  control. I understand the tournament schedules are very difficult because my team played late last night and started the action today. That is why we could not won more easily France”.

Mr. Denys Kaliberda – Germany Team Captain: “Very happy, now my team dream to play in Tijuana. Tomorrow our goal is to beat Egypt to continue developing our level for the next round”.

Mr. Jocelyn Trillon  - France  Head Coach: “Germany played perfect in the first two sets, but my team committed many errors at the end of the match”.

Mr. Benjamin Tonjutti – France Team Captain: “Simply the nervous defeat us. We were erratic in the service and reception”.