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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Towering France pulled of a convincing three-set victory over Egypt

French celebration over Egypt

Both sides started aggressively from the beginning of the match, but after some initial ties it was the French team who showed more strength. France fielded a solid line-up including the lengthy Kevin Le Roux (209 cm), who is one of the tournamentís tallest players. As the narrow 8-5 lead, the French boys used their height advantage to spike devastatingly at the net widen the gap to 16-7. Hard-attacking Guillaume Quesque, 201 cm tall, brought more points for the European team with no African reaction. The first set was closed comfortably 25-9.

Conceding the first set, Egypt fought back gallantly and played better, with spiker Mohamed Elmetwaly, 202 cm tall, methodically tearing the French defense with his powerful spikes. As commandingly leading 7-4, Africans continued their aggressive form to win the first time out. French recombined their lines with Cedric Benoit in the fast attacks and captain setter Benjamin Toniutti for taking advantage 14-11 and kept it until the end of the second set 25-20.

France dominated the third set initially to lead 14-8, thanks to their excellent teamwork and the improved tactics. Egypt put their acts together and gained some points with the effort of captain Youssef Raafat, but the French still had enough to hold them off. Racing to a 21-12 lead, the French boys never looked back from then on to win the set 25-16 and the match.