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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Germany defeated France in a thriller 3-2 (25-15, 25-18, 16-25, 26-28, 15-13)

Scorer of the match French Earwin Ngapeth in action against Germany

Germany started the match aggressively using their strong spike services which made disturbance in their opponent's defense and preventing them from using their advantage in the attack, so Germans led 8-2 and 16-9. Then France began using the strong wing spikers Guillaume Quesque and Earwin Ngapeth to penetrate the German block. But Germany also pushed hard with Denis Kaliberda and Jonas Umlauft and continues leading until 25-15.

In the second set Germany came more powerful using their strong front line of the middle blocker Lukas Bauer and the wing spiker Felix Isaak lead 8-0 and 16-10. The match went interesting as France tried to come back with Kevin Le Roux in the attack, but Germany reached to their optimum motivation to use the French mistakes to their side and won the set 25-18.

France entered the third set more motivated and led 5-0 and 8-4 after good performance of Frederic Barais in block and attack. French players pushed again in attack and defense to continue leading 16-11. German head coach Hinz Sohnke asked for time out to reassure his players but again France used their big guns Earwin Ngapeth and Kevin Le Roux to win the set 25-16. French player Ivan Kartev, 215 cm, the tallest of this tournament, had the opportunity to play part of this set.

In the fourth set, Germany again used the power of Christian Fromm and Lukas Bauer with their spikes to lead 8-5 and 16-15. Then both teams went point by point in a row of exciting draws until 24-24 when the French with Quesque and setter Benjamin Toniutti broke the rhythm and led 25-24 and tried to force a tie breaker successfully 26-28.

In the fifth set, France showed more aggressive and has the lead 5-3 and 8-6 after an excellent performance of the blocker Le Roux and specially the libero Nicolas Le Jeune. But Germans reacted and draw 13-13 with strong spirit through Jonas Unlauft spikes. Finally France fell in reception mistakes to allow Germany win 15-13. French Earwin Ngapeth was the best scorer of the match with 28 points. The match lasted 106 minutes.