Monday, 25 June 2018
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A tough game for both team

China's strong defense was not enough to keep out the French attack
China's captain Shen Qiong: "It is a pity that we lost the game. We didn’t do well in the crucial points. We will try out best tomorrow."

France's captain Oliver Kieffer: "I am happy that we won the game. Now we are preparing for tomorrow’s match."

China's coach Jianan Zhou: "We didn’t not play in a satisfactory way. Our players couldn’t be excited and they weren’t as good as they were in the previous two matches. I think Shen Qiong, the captain of China has done a good job today.

France's coach Philippe Blain: "There are two points I want to mention here. First, we won the game. During the match, our two setters could not pass the ball well. However, we are going to prepare for tomorrow’s match."

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