Sunday, 24 June 2018
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Aboouelhassan: I am very happy for victory and performance

Finland's captain Jukka Lehtonen: "Congratulations to Egypt, they played a very good  game today. They played better than yesterday. The turning points was in the first set  despite the fact we dominated until the last points and the second set and the Egyptians played well. The match was very strong."


Egypt's captain Ashrf Abouelhassan: "I am very happy today for our win and hard luck for Finland’s team. I am not only happy for the victory but my happiness because we can come back and win this match. My teammates played very well and we all achieved all instructions given by the head coach. Thanks to my teammates, coach and our fans."


Finland's coach Mauro Berruto: "Congratulations to the Egyptian team, they deserved to win from any point of view. I love Volleyball because it’s a mental game. This game shows how the mental can affect the game. We lost our concentration at the end of the first set and I felt at this set that something wasn’t normal at the net, and our side was relax then Egypt gave a very well show at the second set."


Egypt's coach Intonio Giacobbe: "An old man from India once said “when you faced a disaster don’t listen to layers." I did that after the match of yesterday. We learn more lessons. We still have a lot of problems, sure I am glad than yesterday but we still the same team."


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