Sunday, 24 June 2018
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"This was a great match between two of the World's best teams", Bulgaria's captain Vladimir Nikolov said

Silvano Prandi, Bulgaria's coach: "Congratulations to Brazil. It was a victory over highest level volleyball. It was a great match and they are a superb opponent. We grow in matches like this one. We suffered the pressure and a little discomfort. A little improvement in our reception and serve is needed. We had some trouble with the jump float of Bruno and some other players. But! We have the passion and the spirit and if we can reduce the mistakes we will challange even Brazil. We will analyze this match, so not to make the same mistakes tomorrow. I believe we can achieve the victory tomorrow. It would be difficult, but we are obliged to do this!"

Vladimir Nikolov, Bulgaria's captain: "Spectacular match. Volleyball of greatest class. It was a fantastic fight between two of the world's best teams. We lost two sets with two point difference and in the last fourth set we could have made it. We had four point advantage and we couldn't receive the float of Bruno. That was the key moment. We have the heart, we have the spirit and tomorrow we will give our best with the support of this magnificient crowd to take over the victory.

Bernardo Rezende, Brazil's coach: "Great match. Tense. It was a quality fight against a great opponent. Amazing hall - fantactic job from the supporters and organizers. We played right. We chose our best options and we made them happen. We can do better than that though. It was only 11 matches since the beginning of the season. It was important for us to qualify and I hope Bulgaria would be there too. In Cordoba we will have a great pre-World Championship test. It is a great honour for us to be able to beat Bulgaria in their Volleyball heart.

Giba, Brazil's captain: "Very hard match today. Good thing is that we won. Great rival, amazing gym. Important victory for us to and to qualify. Bulgaria had some trouble with reception but they have good players for high ball - Nikolov, Kaziyski. Tomorrow we hope we will have one more great match."

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