Thursday, 21 June 2018
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US captain David Lee says: "I am very impressed with the Egyptian team"

David Lee, U.S. captain, is talking about the match during the press conference on Saturday
Egypt's captain Saleh Fathy: "Congratulations to the American team for winning the second match. Today we played very good well I thank my teammates for this performance. We played very strong serve and we improved in reception. at the fifth set I don’t know what happened. I hope to do well in the next matches."

USA's captain David Lee: "I am very impressed with the Egyptian team today. They played very well in service and blocking. For our side we started slow as usual but a lot of changes from the bench give us advantage. I am happy with the result but we need to work more to win easily."

Egypt's coach Antonio Giacobbe: "This morning I talked to my players. I told them the trip from Kyoto to Tokyo last 7 days if we stopped at the sixth day we didn’t reach the target, we must finish our trip in the World league, and I congratulate the USA for their performance especially at the tie break as their defence at this critical point was very good. I’m very happy to face a team like the USA. I selected my team only 10 days before the World League and today I tested the other libero and he played well and I also appreciated our young setter's performance."

USA's coach Alan Knipe: "I think both teams played well today and I think that a lot of credit has to go to Egypt because they played a very strong match today, and I really thought that the difference that we made today in the match was from the players from the bench and I was happy with the performance of our middle blocker Holt Maxwell when he blocked strong balls at a critical time in the tie break. They are able to respond to my expectations and I’ll count on them in the future."



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