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Orlando Samuels: “We must stabilize the game, especially in the block area”

Cuba coach (second left to right) Orlando Samuels insisted that his team must work hard in the block area in the press conference following the first game
Havana, Cuba, June 2, 2010 – Cuba coach Orlando Samuels praised the Argentina gameplay and insisted in the need of a better block work from his team despite his side's victory in its opening game of the 2010 FIVB World League in Havana, Cuba. 

Cuba coach Orlando Samuels:
 "We agree with the result. In fact we did not have many games of preparation. The receipt was fairly average. There were passages of play which were very interesting and very hard. The two teams fought with all their might but we knew in the fourth set to attack with the serve to win. We must stabilize the game especially in the block area."

Argentina coach Javier Weber: "I congratulate Cuba and his coach because it was a fair result. Argentina fought well in the first three sets, especially with our rhythm and concentration, but failed a bit on the serve and I think that made the difference. Cuba attacked us a lot with the service. They made many points through that although the level of attack of  the two teams was fairly even. It was in the fourth set where Argentina failed to keep the pace."

Cuba captain Robertlandy Simón: "It was a difficult game for both teams. As the tournament progresses I think we will be getting better. In our case it is very important because we have to qualify for the final, while Argentina has to improve its game to be on top in the final stage. Argentina always has teams that play hard and we like to put on a good match."

Argentina captain Guillermo García: "We were good in attack but were unable to serve well. The rest of the game was pretty even, tough, and I think we need more time."

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