Thursday, 24 May 2018
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Javier Weber admitted that Germany played very well

The press conference at Catamarca

Rodrigo Quiroga, Argentina's captain: “We played below our expectations, we could not spike. They added many points in blocking and also their floating serve hurts our reception and that did not help us concentrate. Tomorrow we will try to add with our spiking”.

Georg Grozer, Germany's best scorer: “We had a great start with good digging and serving. We had some problems concentrating at the beginning of the third set but then we recovered our level of the first two sets”.

Javier Weber, Argentina's coach: “It was a match without history. Germany played very well and Argentina were overcome in all mainstays. We played the worst match as a team and that costs a lot. Today we did not play well, I feel responsible for this and I take on our mistake. Tomorrow I hope we can improve our concentration and our output”.

Raul Lozano, Germany's coach: “I am very satisfied with our team’s output during the match. We hope to be able to maintain the same level so that we do not suffer as we did against Cuba. Germany put pressure and did not allow Argentina to play”.


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