Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Finland's coach Mauro Berruto proud of his team despite the result

After-match press conference in Kaliningrad on Friday

Finland's coach Mauro Berruto: "I can’t be happy with the result but I am pleased with the way my team performed today. They played clever and it is what I want them to do. I also like their attitude to the game so I think I can be proud of my team. I can’t deny all the difficulties we had. But all we can do in this situation is to fight for every point and see what will happen."

Finland's captain Jukka Lehtonen: "Unfortunately tonight we weren’t able to fight till the end of the match. The Russians were better in all aspects of the game. I think tomorrow we should try to serve better to make the Russian reception suffer. It can be the key point to change the game"

Russia's coach Daniele Bagnoli: "I am happy with the result and with the progress we made from the previous game against Egypt. However we still have some weak points which we have to work on. One of them is playing under pressure. Tonight there were some moments in the second set when the players were not concentrated at 100%. This team should learn to give its maximum in every game."

Russia's captain Alexey Kazakov: "Finland played without three important players which made our work easier. Anyway we shouldn’t relax because tomorrow it can be different game."


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