Monday, 18 June 2018
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Antonio Giacobbe said the fear was important for his team

Egypt coach was satisfied with the performance of his team

Russia coach Daniele Bagnoli: "After such a game we should be angry with ourselves. If we are not we don’t understand our goal. I hope the point we lost today wouldn’t turn to be the point we miss for going to the Final Round. The positive side of the match was the possibility to see our weak points and understand what we need to work on in the nearest future."

Russia captain Alexey Kazakov: "Egypt studied our team very well, they know our weaknesses and use it. Hopefully we’ll play in Egypt better to prove that it wasn’t by luck that we won two home games against them."

Egypt coach Antonio Giacobbe: "The day before the first game with Russia I asked my players if they were afraid. Some of them said they were not. So I said them that I myself was afraid and that they shouldn’t avoid this emotion. Meeting a team like Russia is like meeting the lion on your way. If you are not seized by fear you will be dead in a minute. Fear is what can help you find the solution. I think I managed to transform a negative emotion in a positive one to have my players in a right mood."

Egypt captain Youssef Saleh: "It was another tough game for us and we played good. In the tie-break the great experience of the Russians made the difference."


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