Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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"This victory gives us an incredible boost for the next matches" says Serbian captain

Serbian captain Danica Radenkovic: “We were all aware of the strengths the Japanese team disposes of, so we entered this game quite nervously and suffered a lot of pressure in the first two sets. Fortunately our coach kept us quite calm: she was always smiling, thus demonstrating that she still believed in us and in our chances to make it. This victory gives us a lot of confidence for the next matches; physically it was a very demanding match but now we have got the right adrenaline for the next tasks”. 

Serbian coach Mirosavljevic: “In the first two sets we made a way too many mistakes, totally more than 20 and Japan was playing extremely well, especially in reception. In the third set the girls realized that they had nothing to lose, they were more relaxed and played at their usual level. We changed our opposite, we made many passive blocks and the reception gained in consistency. Now we’ll have a good rest and for tomorrow we’ll have a completely new start, the girls will have to play the game against Peru as if it were the very first match of this Championship”.

Japan’s captain Chisato Mitsuyama: “I am extremely sad that we lost the match after having been leading 2-0”.

Coach Yoshiki Ogawa: “In the fourth set Serbian player Bjelica had made some faults in serving, but at 24-22 for Japan, exactly as we had our match balls, she hit very strongly, our reception was a way too weak and we did not have the chance to counterattack. So we missed our chance and that was the turning point of the game”.

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