Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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Press Conference Quotes: Russia versus Poland

Russia celebrates versus Poland

Russia Head coach Vladimir Kondra:
"My susbtitutions saved the situation. Of course, it was a tough match. Volvich was tiriing after one or two shots.So I had to remove him. Markin was a good substituion. But the hot weather inside the stadium affected the players. That was why we lost two sets and was in a difficult position."

Russian Captain Valentin Bezrukov:
"It was hot and difficult. After some substitutions we could play better."

Poland Head coach Stanislaw Gosciniak:
"We had problems with players injuries. My team played a much better game against Russian than yesterday. A couple of mistakes in the first and fourth sets cost us very badly."

Poland captain Maceij Krzywiecki:
"Russian block was too strong. It was a good game, but we made mistakes at crucial stages. It is bad."


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