Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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"Korea need to improve" says coach Shin Chi-Yong

The Netherlands captain Rob Bontje (right) speaks at the press conference

Korea captain Choi, Tae-Woong: "We are not well prepared and our young players were still nervous for the match which is the first event for this year"

The Netherlands captain Rob Bontje: "Today's match was just the same as yesterday.
Our service was good enough and it was developed.
I am happy with the result and I wish we keep moving well during the rest of 2010 World League season."

Korea coach Shin Chi-Yong: "Korea team was inferior to the Netherlands in their height and power and that is the main reason for today's defeat. The Netherlands are an excellent team. However, we are not disappointed. This is the first match of the 2010 season and I am sure that Korea will improve step by step and show better performance eventually. Moon Sung-Min and Kim Yo-Han had no physical problem but they have not yet recovered. But I think they need more psychological confidence."

The Netherlands coach Peter Blange: "I am happy with the result. Today, we played better than yesterday. As we faced the Korea team yesterday for the first time this season, it was not easy to play with them. However, it was easier for us to play today when we got accustomed to the way the Koreans play. Our attack is at a very high level and our spiking success rate was almost 70 percent which was very high."


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