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Orlando Samuels happy after first weekend

Orlando Samuels was pleased with his team's performance against Argentina
Havana, Cuba, June 5, 2010 – Cuban coach Orlando Samuels was very pleased with the performance of his team as they picked up their second victory over Argentina on Saturday.

“It is true that they are not stable, it is not possible because we have not met the goals of the preparation." he said following the match. "We had no training level of preparation tournaments, because we only played three games against Serbia before the FIVB World League”.

"We had to appeal to all our players and all possible changes. I think Argentina played a great game and despite overcoming them in the second set, it was a very even match. This kind of game will help us to move forward because for the last eight months we did not play a game like this".

Meanwhile Argentina coach Javier Weber said: “We missed the opportunity to beat a great team. We had a good lead in the second set of five points, but failed to handle it as we should, we were not quick enough in the definitions of the moves and Cuba took advantage.

“Today we improved in relation to the first game. We had a good attack, a good level of service, and blocking and defense. Yesterday we were unable to contain the attacks of the Cuban team. We are annoyed because it really was a game that slipped from our fingertips”.

Cuba captain Robertlandy Simón: “The Argentineans made a great game and it was extremely difficult for us. We had to strive to the fullest. From now on we have to work harder if we want to reach the final stage of the League, which is our main objective. Argentina is a big rival and we must strive to keep beating them”.

Argentina captain Guillermo García: “It was a game we should not lose, we had everything to beat them. We had considerable merit, and did not know how to keep it because they take us back with pressure in the service. If we want to go much further and improve to be among the best teams in the world, we can not afford that. Losing a game like this is one of those things”.

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