Friday, 30 October 2020
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"This is a historic moment for my players"- Julien Van Den Vyver

Belgium Captain Ilka van den Vyver was one of the key players in the gold medal match against USA as she scored 15 points
Singapore. Singapore, August 26. The captain of Belgium, Ilka Van Den Vyver, “We played as a team, all together, and we knew we had never too give up. We fought all the time, especially after the first set we lost, and as a results we started play better and better, until the victory.” 

The coach and father of the captain, Julien Van Den Vyver, said: “ We focused a lot on the previous match we did against USA, because it was the first time some met them. During the time out I told my players to organize every single action at the best, without thinking about the score.” "This is a historic moment for my players because an Olympic game is only every fourth year"

Samantha Cash, captain of USA was overcome by the emotion, and her eyes were full of tears “ We did a great match today, but I have to congratulate with Belgium for their play. I am happy for the silver medal, anyway, because is an Olympic one. I think that if our best scorer Elizabeth McMahon had been in the match, something would have changed, but she broke her arm walking in the Olympic Village yesterday, and she couldn’t play today.”

The coach Rodney Wilde, said: “ I am proud of my team, finally, because the silver medal for a new team as we are, is an unbelievable result. Most of the players met for the first time at the airport, and we started our training just here in Singapore. The team showed al their skills and put aside the problems, this is important for their future.”
This was the end of the girls’ tournament, and in the afternoon after the final of men, Peru, USA and Belgium will be awarded with the medal ceremony.

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