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Belgium Blanks Egypt

Belgium during a timeout.

PUNE, India (Aug. 1, 2009) - Belgium got the better of Egypt in three sets at 25-12, 32-20, 25-21 in Pool B of the 2009 FIVB Men's Junior World Championship. After a comfortable start Belgium ran into trouble in the second set before winning the match with ease.

Kevin Klinkenberg gave Belgium an edge in attack with 18 points from 34 attacks. Deroo Sam and Pieter Verhees chipped in with 12 and six points. Haikan Reda was the only consistent spiker for Egypt with 15 points from 38 spikes.

Belgium started so well that one wonder whether it would steam-roller Egypt in no time. But Egypt fought back brilliantly in the second set in which it should better control and coordination in attack. Haikal Reda was the main spiker who lifted the Egyptian game. In fact Egypt, which was so docile in the first set and surrendered meekly in the first set woke in the second set shouting and roaring.

Egypt's sudden aggression did rattle Belgium and with better blocking and attack Egypt led 8-6 and again at 16-13. Egpyt cleverly spread its attack to dodge the net defence of Belgium and did succeed. And then Egypt led 24-22 at set point. But Belgium, which has one of the best setters here, prompted by him fought back to make int 24-24 . Still Egypt led by one point, but surrendered the lead as Belgium attacked superly through Klinkberg, who was coming with some super aces.

The crowd enjoyed the strong rally of Belgium and for the first time Belgium surged to 30-29 lead when Khattab hit out. that was the real turning point for Belgium to win the match. After that Egypt sank again without a trace and the Egypt coach was furious with the team for its lack of spirit.


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