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Girls under 18 2003 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Italy beat Chinese Taipei 3-1 (25-13, 24-26, 25-15, 25-13) - duration 1:40
09-Aug, start time: 12:30, end time: 14:10 - Attendance: 480
Definite Italian victory in a fierce match
The first set showed us that both teams stood equal chance to win the match. The game was played on equally high level on both sides although in the second part the Italian team gained substantial advantage and won the first set 25:13.
The second set was very thrilling as both teams fought ferociously to win. The Taipei team won in the end after two set balls. In the third set Italians regained their advantage and beat the competitors from Taipei by 10 points. The last set was entirely taken over by the Italian team, which accordingly won the whole match 3:1.