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Girls under 18 2003 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Belarus 3-0 (25-15, 25-14, 25-5) - duration 1:03
09-Aug, start time: 10:00, end time: 11:03 - Attendance: 250
An Easy Opener for Brazil
Just before the game, during a warm-up, Belarus lost its libero. Anna Tcherniakouskaya got injured and had to be replaced by Larysa Sarokina.
In the first set Belarus took an early advantage (6:3) but that was the only moment in the entire game when Brazil was not leading. The yellow and green team kept the score completely under control. The players from Belarus were momentary helpless and could not find their way to stop Brazil's attacks. Furthermore their efficiency in spiking decreased as they were often blocked by Brazilian players. In the third set Belarus lost heart and did not resist at all. Brazil gave away only 5 points and left the court victorious.