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Girls under 18, 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

China beat Chinese Taipei 3-0 (25-23, 25-15, 26-24) - duration 1:16
10-Aug, start time: 12:30, end time: 13:46 - Attendance: 590
CHI Head Coach: It was a very difficult match. The Taipei players showed us some truly good volleyball. They were short of luck at the key moments, which gave us the chance to take the whole advantage of our possibilities. Thanks to this we won the match. The result 3:0 does not reflect what was going on on the court.
Captain of the CHI team: The Chinese Taipei players were a very difficult and demanding opponent. They were really involved in the game and played with great enthusiasm. We are very happy with this victory.
TPE Head Coach: We played much better than yesterday but the Chinese are a marvelous team. They played too well today for us to be able to defeat them. Despite our efforts and advantage at some stages we could not beat the Chinese team at the key stages of the game
Captain of the TPE team: The Chinese won these Championships two years ago so we played against a really strong opponent today. Despite the fact that we lost the match was very enjoyable. So everyone is very happy.