Monday, 28 May 2018
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Fundamental experiences at this level

Josue Rivera, Captain of Puerto Rico: “For sure we have come to play and to do our game. Poland is a very strong team and we suffered their mighty blocks in the first and in the second sets above all. They dominated us thanks to their blocks."
Ariel Diaz, Coach of Puerto Rico: “I think we have to establish our game and get ready for tomorrow's team, Japan. Japanese have a good defence and we have to improve in order to get a much better serve. As far as today's match is concerned, Poland has got very tall players compared to ours and their tactic serve has been very good and accurate. We tried to spike aiming at their corners but their block was excellent there, too. For tomorrow we have to work on our defence, too. Therefore we will study the Japanese system. We can't forget that our players are very young, the youngest here and we need experience. At this level experience is fundamental."
Tomasz Kowalski, Captain of Poland: “I personally think that the first and the second sets were okay but in the third we had a big problem because we couldn't keep focussed on the goal. That's all."
Grzegorz Rys, Coach of Poland: “In the first round in Jesolo we had to play against very strong teams. I think that we have good opportunities for tomorrow with France, we have seen their match today. Today they seemed to play without spirit. Normally we have wonderful matches with the French. Hopefully we will have one tomorrow, too."

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