Saturday, 22 January 2022
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US-Boys made fewer errors

Press conference after match USA vs. Iran
 Farhad Salafzoon, Captain of Iran: “The American team has represented a big surprise for us. They have played really well. Their playing techniques worked really well and they created us some problems while receiving. We also played well but they played more as a real team, not just as individuals, and this is fundamental in volleyball”.

Taylor Sander, Captain of USA: “We played well and we managed to win this match. That’s great. After losing the second set we came back to the match and did it very well.”

Jovica Cvetkovic, Coach of Iran: “I want to give my congratulations to my American colleague. They played really well, even taking risks in some parts of the match especially with the service. During the last set, the US-Team just did only a few mistakes and that was important for the result of the match. The fact the US won is very important psychologically for them. The US-Team was the only one we did not have any videomaterial on. I think we managed to play well even if we lost. It was the first game even for them and that is an important aspect in volleyball”.

Andy Read, Coach of the USA: “We saw good volleyball today. Both teams did as hard and well as they can. Iran will be better tomorrow. Of course it's a big surprise for us to win the opening match. During the second set, Iran played really well. Both teams have played well in blocking and serving. Japan and Serbia are really different teams. Serbia has a strong team, as regards to physical. It will be a big challenge. The match taking place today has been really important but now it is over, we have to think about the next matches. If young people can get along on a sport pitch, it means they can get along in everyday life and there is nothing more important”.

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