Saturday, 22 January 2022
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Looking for better results in the next round

Enjoyed the win: Brazilian Team
Tomasz Kowalski, Captain of Poland: “First of all I would like to give my congratulations to the Brazilian team. We could not win because we made many mistakes, we played bad and we had many problems with the attack as the Brazilian team had an amazing defence”.

Otavio Rodrigues, Captain of Brazil: “Congratulations to the Polish team, too. We were nervous at some point of the match but we managed to get out of it and win”.
Grzegorz Rys, Coach of Poland: “I would like to give my congratulations again to the Polish team. Both teams tried to win and both teams are definitely unhappy as we did not have access to the next round for final positions from 1 to 8. We made many mistakes and Brazil played better. We had good chances twice but we did not manage to take them. My players tried to give their best to win. I hope we will play better the next matches”.

Percy Oncken, Coach of Brazil: “Congratulations to the Polish head-coach. We have known each other for a long time and I know how great is the job he does with the Polish team. As my colleague said, both teams are unhappy as we did not qualify for the final positions and it is the first time that Brazil cannot make it. But I personally think that this is sport and it can definitely go better in the next matches. As regards to this match, I think my guys played better in the key-moments therefore we managed to win”.

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