Monday, 17 January 2022
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U.S. boys defeat the defending champions

The nervousness was noticeable. Defending champions Iran, also classified in the World Championship this year as a top favorite, had trouble in his opening match against the USA. There were soon memories of the opening match two years ago in Mexico, when the Iranian boys lost the first set against Puerto Rico by 23:25 even if they won the match in five sets. Against the team of U.S. Coach Andy Read, they also caught a bad start. In the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo, it was the U.S. boys, who were allowed to look after 24 minutes playing time on a 25:20. Each with five points in attack Captain Taylor and Jeremy Sandor Dejno had a great share of success.

The paper turned to the second set in favor of the defending champions, who had quickly established a clear leadership and whose actions were now more effective in attack. It did mainly Amir Ghafour clear that even with his second Jumpservice-winner he made the last point (25:13).

However, the U.S. boys were still very combative. In the technical timeouts, they were in the lead (8:6 and 16:15) and were not impatient, when the Iranians took two points for 17:16. Iran's coach Jovica Cvetkovic was very busy trying to warn his boys to  concentrate. What he could not manage sufficiently enough to succeed. Amir Ghafour proposed a service-mistake (23:22), a double block by Micah Christenson and Spencer Rowe Tariverdi against Hamid was perfect (24:22) and Joshua Taylor finished with a hard attack the set (25:22).

From this deficit after three sets were the Iranians apparently disoriented and increasingly cramped. The U.S. boys were, however, always relaxed and stable. They were cheered on by their coach Andy Read, who did it in simple words: "Come on, boys, let's work for the next point." And they did it. About 8:6, 16:13, 21:16 to 23:20, they steered a course to a surprise victory against the World Champion 2007. At 23:22 it was still even close. But U.S. captain Taylor Sander yet slammed twice. The points at 24:22 and 25:22 are to his credit. Sander with 21 points was the best scorer of the match.

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