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FIVB World Grand Prix 2007



Mr. Jeng Fang Fann.

The Chinese Taipei Women’s Team had already participated in the World Grand Prix in 1994, but because the record was not good enough, could not take part in it since then. 2006 marked a rich harvest year for the Chinese Taipei Women’s Team, defeating 5 teams during the preliminary round of the 2006 World Championships and qualifying for the final round. Although they did their best in the semi-final and final round, they lost 6 consecutive matches, finishing at the twelfth rank. Nevertheless, defeating Japan and Korea, a first at an international competition, was a major achievement. At the same time, they also defeated Kazakhstan and Thailand in the 2006 Asian Games, finishing third. It was thrilling news and ignited new hopes for the team. Such intensive work left the coaches exhausted and hoping to retire after two major international competitions. Coaches at the 2007 WGP will be the same as the 2005 Universiade Games, coaches and players being therefore now quite familiar with each other and able to match well over a short period. Besides, most players remain the same as in the last World Championships.  As Head Coach of the Chinese Taipei Women’s Team, I am a freshman and willing to learn. I will do my best to guide every match. Whether our team will make it to the final round is a demanding desire. Yet I hope this will be an excellent experience for us and will allow us to qualify for 2008 Olympic Games.