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FIVB World Grand Prix 2007



Chen Zhonge

Mr. Chen Zhonghe was born in the Province of Fujian, China in 1957. He was first selected as the assistant coach of the Chinese national women's team from 1989-2000, and was appointed head coach of the Chinese national team from 2001, the same year in which the side won the World Grand Champions title. He led China to major victories in 2003, when they took home the gold at the World Grand Prix and the World Cup, before claiming the 2004 Athens Olympic Games gold medal and the number one world ranking.

“At present women’s volleyball is developing very rapidly in the world, especially in Europe and America, where more and more high level teams have appeared and we find out that the competition of world women’s volleyball is becoming more intense than ever,” Chen says.


“The 2007 World Grand Prix is a very important event for us, since China is the host nation. The home fans acknowledge that the Chinese team will play against the world’s top five ranked teams in China. They are likely to see the Chinese team obtain the championship easily. However, I am not planning to arrange any special preparation for the World Grand Prix because all international events are important to us. I regard these competitions as a chance to gain experience for the 2008 Olympic Games. Therefore, I will observe my players’ performance, enhance their ability and accumulate international competition experience through those events.


“Our team will make some adjustments in 2007 due to some older players in the current team who have injuries.


“As far as 2007 world competitions are concerned, we are not required to reach a high ranking. I hope my team will have the opportunity to participate in more international events this year to enhance the overall strength of the team.


“To conduct a satisfactory performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is my ambition and also an ideal gift to my country and homeland peoples.”