Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Kolakovic: “We still have hopes of going to Poland”

Bojan Janic, Igor Kolakovic, Javier Weber and Rodrigo Quiroga at the Press Conference on Thursday

Serbia captain Bojan Janic: “Congratulations to Argentina for the fantastic match they had tonight. They played a lot better than we did, they played very smart and with great patience. We have, on the contrary, made many huge mistakes, since we had a great desire to win. Now we are waiting for the results of the other teams and we are hoping for the best – to be in the Final Round in Poland.”


Argentina captain Rodrigo Quiroga: “My compliments to the Serbian team, they played good tonight, but we played with more skills, much better than we did yesterday. We improved our service in reception; our fast and precise services were the key factor for us winning tonight. We are very happy we won, since this was the best match we played in International round, and I would like to wish good luck to Serbia in coming to the Final 8.”


Serbia coach Igor Kolakovic: “Congratulations to the team of Argentina for the amazing match tonight. We started poorly this match, we even played bad in the finish of the sets, especially in the second, when we had a huge chance to win it, but we didn’t. Argentina played its best tonight. We know our placement to the Final 8 depends on the results of the other matches, but we still have hope of going to Poland.”


Argentina coach Javier Weber: “Thank you very much for your compliments. We played the best match in this year’s edition of World League. The biggest and the most important moments in this match were those who allowed us to win it; our performance tonight was amazing because we improved our service technic and attacks. The first set we played more relaxed and free, and Serbia had done completely the opposite, which made the great difference between the two teams.”


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