Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Stoychev: "The block was the key"

Bulgaria continue to improve with a win over Japan on Saturday
Bulgaria coach Radostin Stoychev: "First, congratulations for the team of Japan. They played with heart and did not give up, even though after the second game.I am pleased with the result, but we have many reserves in side out element of our game. Matey is going better every they and approve his game. Today , our block was the key of the match and I am very pleased about the performance of Teodor on this element."

Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov: "We are pleased about the victory, we keep the tactic tasks and the result is good."

Japan coach Tatsuya Ueta: "Today`s  reception was very good, but we had bad moments and mistakes with attack and side out. We can not excuse today`s performance and we hope, that we look better tomorrow."

Japan captain Daisuke Usami: "Today, we loose because of the mentality. Tomorrow we have to show better performance."

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