Friday, 20 October 2017
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Pereyra: It is great to celebrate on my birthday

Pereyra emphasized that Argentina will fight for another six points in Formosa

Flavio Cruz, Portugal player: “Argentina played better, we made some unforced errors that Argentina made good use of, and even though the match at the end was more equal Argentina output was much better”.

Rodrigo Quiroga, Argentine captain: “I want to congratulate Portugal because until the middle of each set we were equal with us making difference at the final part of them, mainly digging. These three points are great so we can keep on dreaming participating of the Final Round”.

Juan Díaz, Portugal coach: “At today’s match, the start of the sets were quite even but Argentina made good use and got the leadership with a very outstanding spike. We congratulate Argentine team and wish them good luck in the next two matches, that they keep on top of the ranking to play the final and win because they deserve it”

Javier Weber, Argentine coach: “Argentina played very good, it was easy to rotate and our spiking was great. I am very happy because both teams were very tired and we played with our backup, putting on the field Arroyo and Ocampo that made an outstanding match”.

Mixed Zone:

Federico Pereyra, Argentine player: “I am very happy mostly because we won and over all because I am celebrating this victory on my birthday.  I dedicate this victory to my parents and my girlfriend that always support me.  Now we must travel to Formosa and try to win the six points at stake”.


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