Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Daisuke Usami: "I hope that this course will continue"

German captain Robert Kromm said he was disappointed with his side's loss against Japan

Japan coach Tatsuya Ueta: "This is our first away game victory and I’m very happy about it. The Teams from Russia and Germany are very similar. If today we had played against Russia, we maybe could have won against them as well."


Japan captain Daisuke Usami: "Todays’ game had the same development as the game yesterday, but today we had more luck. This is our first victory in this years’ World League and we hope, that this course will continue."


Germany coach Raúl Lozano: "The game today had the same characteristics as the game we saw yesterday. It degusted us again a lot of energy, to get into the game. For the visitors, this game even was more emotionally than the game yesterday: Both teams had the chance wo win this game, but Japan today deserved the victory. In general, I’m not happy with the efficiency of our team. We did use our full potential. We absolutely have to improve our serve and our defense."


Germany captain Robert Kromm: "The Japanese team has absolutely deserved this victory. We failed again in playing more constantly. We were under considerable strain this time and couldn’t balance it. Both teams played today on an eye level, both had the chance to win. In the end, the Japanese Team made it."


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