Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Press Conference – Serbia head coach Igor Kolakovic: “We are very satisfied with this victory”

Bojan Janic, Igor Kolakovic, Juan Dijaz and Joao Jose at the Press Conference in Novi Sad

Portugal captain Joao Jose: “Congratulations to the Serbian team for tonight’s match. We practically lost this match in the first set, since we didn’t have enough ability and strength to finish it in our favor and it affected the entire match. I think that our lack of experience came outside tonight and it didn’t allow us to win. I am proud of what we’ve showed tonight, which is   a clean and a nice game, so I think we have to be satisfied with it.”


Serbia captain Bojan Janic: “Thanks for the congratulations. It seems that we need to lose a match so that we could realize we can win the next one. It was a great match from both sides, but I think we had a bit more luck and a bit more experience and we’ve showed it at tonight’s match. I specially have to thank Marko Podrascanin, because he has done an amazing job tonight, allowing the rest of us to play under more pressure in order to win.”


Portugal head coach Juan Diaz: “First, I’d like to congratulate to the team of Serbia. Today we played a very different match, the criteria was really different, high and hard for us, especially in the first set, since we weren’t able to defend ourselves from the serves and the spikes of the Serbian team. Serbia had the control through the entire match, which we couldn’t achieve.”


Serbia head coach Igor Kolakovic: “Thanks for the congratulations. It is very hard to forget the yesterday’s loss. We are very satisfied with this victory; it kept us in the battle for the next weekends of the World League, since we need as much victories as possible in order to continue this competition. I didn’t expect us to have so many ups and downs, since we played with a great motivation. We still have enough time to play better and better. Since the beginning of this year’s edition of the World League we play under big pressure, but even though it exists, we managed to win tonight.”


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