Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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Serbia captain Bojan Janic: “I’m very disappointed with this loss”

Bojan Janic, Igor Kolakovic, Juan Diaz and Joao Jose at the Press Conference

Serbia captain Bojan Janic: “I’m very disappointed with this loss. Congratulations to the Portuguese team, they played great, since they had and showed great motivation to win. We entered this match without any concentration, so it was really hard for us to play. When we aren’t focused, we can’t show our best performance, and that’s what happened tonight; I’m very disappointed with this loss. When we had any advantage, we lost it quickly and we will work hard to change that situation.”


Portugal captain Joao Jose: “I am speechless by the manner we played today. I’m proud of what we’ve done tonight, because we’ve shown some things we've never done before. The last few months we practiced a lot and improved our tactics, which was our goal, to improve the level of our game. Serbia played under so much pressure, but we’ve insisted in forcing the opponent to struggle all the way. It was a benefit for us, since we won.”


Serbia coach Igor Kolakovic: “Congratulations to the Portuguese team, since they played on a high level. The reasons for this loss are not easy to say shortly after the match, but I can say that this was extremely hard loss for us and we will try to improve ourselves. I have to mention that there are many elements of the game which didn’t work well, but at the end we still have another opportunity to win the second match.”


Portugal coach Juan Diaz: “Congratulations to the Serbian team. I have to say that our team played with a lot of motivation, so this victory is really important to us. The way we played tonight was amazing; the level of performance was really high. We’ve worked a lot and prepared for this match by watching and observing our opponent. We managed to gain every point we had in our hands and that’s what took us to this victory.”


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