Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Anastasi: The most important is the heart and passion I saw on the court today

From left: Quiroga, Weber, Anastasi and Gruszka
Argentina captain Rodrigo Quiroga: “I think today we felt the meaning of the match, the meaning of the medal. We didn't play like we did in previous matches. We felt the pressure. Poland pressured us with the service and spike. We made more mistakes. It is one incredible experience for us to be here, for us to know how to play these kind of matches. Yesterday's result didn't mean anything. We've turned the page. We felt the meaning of the medal being reachable. Feeling this pressure was our biggest problem. Poland played a great match. They were relaxed here, at home, Jakub Jarosz played very good, Bartosz Kurek is an amazing player, the middle-blockers were great. The whole team was great. We didn't play well and we are disappointed.”

Poland captain Piotr Gruszka: “It is really a great success, the first medal in the World League, especially because we won it in Poland. I want to thank everyone for the support we've had, even in our worst moments. We were waiting for the victory and we made it in the end. All that hard work, two and a half months of practice finally paid off. I know what Argentina's team feels like, I felt it before, but I want to congratulate them, because they really played wonderfully throughout the World League. They lost in the end, but they played great.”

Argentina coach Javier Weber: “I think today we played very poorly, not like in other games. I think Poland played much better in attack and service and it made the difference. I feel very bad. I believed in the medal. I am very happy with my team, they played amazing in the entire World League. It is a terrific experience for us. I have very young players, hungry to play all the time. Luciano De Cecco is a fantastic player, fantastic setter. I believe that in one or two years he might be the best setter in the world. He needs to get there step-by-step. It is a very difficult position, but he understands it. I have many many talented players, but the most important thing is to play as a team.”

Poland coach Andrea Anastasi: “Argentina is really a great team and we have to keep our eyes on them, because they play an incredible volleyball. Maybe not today, but I love their system of play. I would like to use it. Weber is really a great coach. About the match, I can't really express my feelings, I am very happy. I want thank the organizers, because I think the organization here is the best in the world. I want to thank my staff as well for an amazing job. And of course I want to thank my players. They understand me and my methods. We've worked very hard. They have understood that power is not always necessary and I am very glad with that. We weren't very lucky in the beginning of the tournament, but we survived. The basic thing for me, the most important is the heart and passion I saw on the court today. That my guys believed in the victory and in our project. And I believed in it and in my team. Usually after a success, the team is more confident. But still, maybe we have to work more. I am very satisfied with this success, because I was missing some key players. For me it is one of my biggest success.”


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