Friday, 20 October 2017
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Alekno: I don't want my players to think that some matches are less important than others

Russia captain Taras Khtei and coach Vladimir Alekno

Brazil captain Murilo Endres: “We did not play a good match. Russia did what we thought they would. They served really well, their block was very strong. We tried to surprise them with a different team, but it didn't work. Now we have to think about the semifinals, about tomorrow's game. It won't matter what the standings look like and who we will face. We will play the first final, maybe the next one afterwards.”

Russia captain Taras Khtei: “We didn't lose much strength today. We beat Brazil, but it doesn't matter who is first or who is second in the standings. Now we are thinking about semifinals, today's result was not very important.”

Brazil head coach Bernardo Rezende: “I'd like to congratulate the Russian team, they were very focused throughout. I want to apologize to the fans, because we didn't play well. All the players from today's game played in last year's finals, they were the stars. Maybe they played less in this year's tournament, but they were not reserve players. We tried to win, but we couldn't. Russia played very well, served very well, so congratulations. I am always worried about my players health. Giba played nine sets in a row, so he rested today. Similar with Dante, whom we need in the best shape possible for the next game. Vissotto is now in good shape physically, but not mentally, as he didn't play for two weeks. We played 2 extremely hard matches, so I had to make some changes. We are not a young team, like Russia, so I have to  take that into consideration.We have to play five matches in this tournament. We didn't have much time to prepare the team, so we have to reasonably distribute the strength and energy. I hope that tomorrow we will have more of this energy, because we may probably face Argentina, who have played very well this year. They are one of the best teams here.”

Russia head coach Vladimir Alekno: “I would like to split the meaning of this match in two: one – the final standing, and two – sport value. Maybe the first one was not so important, but the second one was. I don't want my players to think that some matches are less important than others. For me you have to always win, no matter what the stake is. For us the victory over Brazil is an honour.”


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