Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Anastasi: It is not always good to use all your strength in every moment of your volleyball life.

Poland coach Andrea Anastasi and captain Michal Bakiewicz during the press conference after a 3-2 victory over Bulgaria
Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov: “I want to congratulate the Polish team for achieving the victory. It was an interesting game, very emotional. In the end Polish team made less mistakes than us, and this is why they won.”

Poland captain Michal Bakiewicz: “I would like to say that opening matches are always very difficult and full of nerves. We are very mentally uplifted now that we were able to recover after the third set. I hope that the spectators are satisfied, especially after the horror we gave them in the end. I want to thank them for showing us one more time that they still believe in our team.”

Bulgaria coach Radostin Stoychev: “I want to congratulate Polish players and the entire team, because they did a great job today and managed to win the match. We did not use all our abilities and we know that our team has not matured yet enough to win with an important match.”

Poland coach Andrea Anastasi: “Tough match, really. It waw difficult for both teams. For us, it was difficult to restart after this terrible third set. After that we continued to play, the guys fought till the end. Of course after Bartman's injury, it was hard for the players, especially when they looked at the bench and could see this sad view. We still don't know how big the problem is and it may be the end of the tournament for him. I am really not happy with that, because I spent a lot of time putting him in this condition, switching him from the receiver to opposite. Perhaps Piotr Gruszka will be able to help us and replace him. I am proud that we could win after all. It always happens after an important injury – you can keep playing or stop. We stopped for a moment. I told my players to breathe and get their heads in the game again. Kurek started serving better in the second part of the match, because he served very bad at the beginning. I tried to tell him it was not always good to use all his strength in every moment of his volleyball life. Tomorrow we will play against Argentina. I like playing with them, they understand volleyball, they are young, but they are a good team. Then we have a game with Italy. It will be a very emotional moment for me. Some players started their national team adventure in my team. It will be hard, for Italians as well - with all the pressure from Polish fans - but we will try to do our best.”


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