Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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Press conference following Brazil vs. Cuba


Roberlandy Simon (Cuba Captain)
Playing against Brazil was very difficult but that was to be expected as they are a very strong team, one of the best in the world. We tried to make a system that would oppose their block but we made a lot of mistakes at the most crucial moments. Our reception was not what we expected and we weren't able to put up a good block or have any transition. When you add to that a lot of service mistakes, it leads to the result we had tonight. Hopefully we will be able to improve our game and we'll have to see what will happen in the other pool, as I am sure that Serbia will finish first.

Giba Gilberto Godoy Filho (Brazil Captain)
This was a very difficult game to start with in this pool. We started with a lot of adrenalin and a very aggressive approach. There was good teamwork and we played very well this evening but we have still four consecutive matches to play. Cuba is a good team, but it seems their form was not the best compared to what they presented earlier at the tournament. Still, we have to quickly forget this match and prepare for the matches that we still have to play. Argentina is a completely different opponent and even though they are not tall they are very knowledgeable as we saw yesterday, so we have to be very concentrated, especially with a coach that has done a lot for them.

Orlando Samuels Blackwood (Cuba Coach)
This was a very difficult and physically hard match to play. We really tried very hard to oppose the strong Brazilian team that has improved its service. We made a lot of errors and had no block or defense at important moments. On the contrary, Brazil played very well and in spite of our ups and downs, we succeeded in taking the second set. But overall, they deserved today's victory.

Bernardo Rezende (Brazil Coach)
I am really happy to win this match. We know only too well how Cuba plays when they are at their best, as we saw them play against Russia, Bulgaria and Japan. We started our game under pressure and I was not satisfied with today's training. We definitely wanted to win and that created additional pressure. In the second set the advantage was hard to keep and with so many mistakes we just lost it. In order to win this tournament we have to be more consistent. Our blocking and serving functioned well with a new formation that is higher than we had before. 17 points is great and we are satisfied. Our transition was not as smooth as we had hoped and it will have to be improved. With Argentina we have to play as smart as they do. They have a completely different way of playing tactically and are physically more consistent. So we have to adjust to that and prepare new tactics to contain it.


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