Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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"I am very satisfied with the game tonight" said Serbian coach Kolakovic


Thomas Hoff (USA Captain):
I am quite disappointed with the way we played as we failed to apply our system of the game on this match against Serbia. We played against them many times, but we were a bit constricted and played under a lot of pressure. Our reception was lost and we had no feel of the game while the Serbian Team fully controlled the ball and excelled in every element of the game. Not being disrespectful of the Serbian Team that really did play well, we cannot have any excuses for the way we played, in spite of the fact that all opportunities they had they were able to use fully against us. This could remind us of what happened last year in Brazil as we felt also disappointed but succeeded in winning the World League Finals, so we have to have short memory and forget quickly about this disappointment, and try to turn it into a motivation to play a lot better against a Team of Russia that is completely different.

Nikola Grbic (Serbia captain):
I am indeed very happy about this result, but we have a lot of difficulties in the second set which was quite complicated. It might be said that when I played the whole match turned, but it so happened. When you have the opportunity to do something, especially when you’re losing points, you must do it. The reaction of the whole Team, but also the errors of the opponent Team helped us out, although we played very calmly and concentrated which makes this victory even more important as many more such situation will come and that is when we have to show the same calmness and be collected to continue ever harder.

Alan Knipe (USA head coach):
I would like to congratulate the Serbian Team that played consistently with excellent controlled game from the very first service until the end. To repeat what my Captain said – I am disappointed with the way we played. We started stiffly and did not played well, even though I thought that in continuation of the game, in spite of the young players we’ll be able to get in control of the game. However we missed a lot of services and were unable to use the opportunities as the Serbian Team punished each wrong move we made. So, we definitely have to forget fast this defeat and disappointment and consolidate the Team to play a lot better.

Igor Kolakovic (Serbia head coach):
Thanking my colleague Knipe for the congratulations, I must say only one thing. We fulfilled our promise to give our best. We had a team work, good control of the ball, and calmness when it was very much needed. This was the first obstacle that we overcame tonight and made it easier for us to go on in this phase of the event. Moreover this is important psychologically as it was obvious that we had our ups and downs and that from perfect play we went into simple mistakes wishing to finish the counterattack or relay as soon as possible. Generally speaking I am very satisfied with the game tonight, with our team spirit, with their determination and the great support of the spectators. I must thank them for this support and invite them to join us on Friday with more of this good feeling in ARENA.


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