Tuesday, 22 May 2018
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The End of the World League, The Beginning of the Championships

Cui Jianjun, Chinese main spiker
China's captain Sen Qiong: "Today our team did a better job than yesterday in passing and setting as well as defensive. In the Championships we hope will be the same group. We should make some conclusion and learn from the matches."

France's captain Oliver Kieffer: "I am happy that we won the game. It is lucky that we finish the World League with two consecutive victories."

China's coach Jianan Zhou: "Today we have the same result as we did yesterday. But the process of the match was different, we showed our better side. Generally speaking, we have some distance with France. When we are in a difficult situation, we don’t have enough solutions. Though we won one match in the World League, we hope that we can learn something from those matches."

France's coach Philippe Blain: "I agree with our captain. The most important is that we won the match. But the match was disastrous; our offensive is only 10%. Next we have a lot to do, we have to prepare for the Championships."

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