Thursday, 2 July 2020
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Argentina's coach Javier Weber said: "We have to work hard for the Final Six"

Cuba's captain Simón speaks at the Press Conference in Formosa

Cuba's coach Orlando Samuels "Today we played a match with the players that until today had little participation but I feel very satisfied with their performances. The qualification left us calm but we will go on working."

Argentina's coach Javier Weber: "It was a poor match for Argentina. At no time we had control over the match, not even in the second set where we had some chances to win it but never had control of it. Our performances at the Intercontinental Round were very bad. Now we have to look forward, this is so, in ten days we have to improve very hard to face the Final Six with good chances."

Cuba's captain Robertlandy Simons: "We played a match making good use of Argentine errors. Now we have to look forward to another match, it will be very hard on us."

Argentina's captain Rodrigo Quiroga:  "We started today similar to yesterday’s match but then we could not react. Cuba maintained their level but we couldn’d specially spiking. â€œDefeats are something that happens in sports but now we have to revert all these."


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