Thursday, 2 July 2020
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Serbia deserves the win

Bojan Janic, Igor Kolakovic, Andrea Anastasi and Valerio Vermiglio at the Press Conference

Serbia's captain Bojan Janic: "I would like to congratulate the Italian team for qualifying to the Final Tournament. They played a great game, and they deserved it. As for us, I am satisfied, we were under lot of pressure, and we wanted to find ourselves in Argentina so badly, but we lacked experience I think and that was the main reason we stumbled in the end. However, I am proud of my team, and I want to praise my teammates, they fought hard throughout the whole competition and they earned each and every point we got."

Italy's captain Valerio Vermiglio: "We wanted to qualify and we did it after winning two sets. After that, we let other guys play, Serbia used this opportunity and in the end they deserved this victory. I am very happy for us, we qualified to the Final Tournament after some years of absence, and I hope we show  agood performance in Argentina. As for the Serbian team, they are great guys, I played with them on many occasions, and I wish them the best of luck in the future."

Serbia's coach Igor Kolakovic: "I would like to congratulate the Italian team for qualifying to the Final Tournament. They showed an excellent performance, especially in the first two sets, and we never came close in those stages of the match. They were motivated and they were a better team than us. We used our chance after they pulled out their key players, and I am happy that we ended the competition with the victory. I want to thank our fans, they were great as always, and I have to praise my players for these nine victories in this year’s edition of the  FIVB World League. Whatever happens tomorrow, I have to be satisfied with the overall performance of my team."

Italy's coach Andrea Anastasi: "Of course, I am very happy because we qualified to the Final Tournament. The guys played very well in the first two sets, and from that point on we were more relaxed and we started to think about the upcoming challenges. Now we have to practice and to prepare for the Final Round, and I hope we do well out there."



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