Sunday, 27 May 2018
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USA's coach Alan Knipe said: "We need to play with emotion in our game"

Egypt's captain Saleh Fathy: "Congratulations to the American team for winning this match which was a very tough match. Today we played better especially in the first and fourth set but we committed some mistakes in the fifth set because we lack of experience. We hope to improve our performance tomorrow."

USA's captain David Lee: "I congratulate the Egyptian team for the good match, we will fix our mistakes for tomorrow's match. Egypt played very well today, it was an aggressive match. For our side we need to play with consistency in serves and reception."

Egypt's coach Intonio Giacobbe: "I won’t change my opinion for one match, we are working to build a team for the World Championship. We test young players like Hossam Youssef the setter, he played very critical points and tomorrow we will play with another libero. I congratulate the American team for the win and they have the best system in the world. They change the players and the system still working very good."

USA's coach Alan Knipe: "Egypt played very hard especially in the first and second set and they put our side under pressure. We need to improve our performance to go the Final Round and the World Championship. We need to play with emotion in our game. I agree with Giacobbe we have a good system."


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