Monday, 23 April 2018
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The Netherlands look to improve in second match

The press conference following the match between the Netherlands and Korea in Seoul

Korea captain Choi Tae-Woong: "This is the first match of the 2010 World League season, thus we were little bit nervous. Accordingly, that the team did not perform well.”

The Netherlands captain Rob Bontje: “We played a very good match and I am really satisfied with the result.
It was the first time we payed Korea team but we won and it was successful”

Korea coach Shin Chi-Yong: “As my captain said, I also feel very sorry not to show good match to Korean Volleyball fans.

“In my opinion, this is due to short period of training session after the national winter V-League was over in April.”

For me, today's match was not good enough and very stuffy as our main players could not play at their best yet.”

“We will keep trying to make up our weak points for tomorrow's match and to show our best performance to Korean Volleyball fans.”

The Netherlands coach Peter Blange: “It was a difficult match today, because we did not know the way Korea play.”

“By and large, the combination of Korea was good. I expect tomorrow’s match will be much more difficult than today's. Because we know each other well. Therefore we will do our best tomorrow.”


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