Saturday, 23 June 2018
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Serbia happy with win

Bojan Janic, Igor Kolakovic, Philippe Blain and Oliver Kieffer at the Press Conference

Serbia's captain, Bojan Janic: "Very tough match, as we predicted. It is very difficult to play when you must win and your opponent is completely relaxed. The French team possess a great quality and you have seen in the first set how good they can play. On the other hand, we were too nervous at the beginning, but I am glad we’ve found strength to recover. Players from the bench contributed much to this victory, and I must say that we couldn’t have done it without Nikola Kovacevic who played maybe his best match in the national team. That is our main quality, we perform best when it is most needed and we made one very significant step towards Argentina and the Final Tournament."


France's captain, Oliver Kieffer: "We started very well, unfortunately after that we made too many mistakes in the key moments of the match, and when you do that against a team like Serbia, you have to lose."


Serbia's coach, Igor Kola Kovic: "A very difficult match and a very important victory. It was important to win, not just to continue the winning streak, but to strengthen the confidence of these young and inexperienced players. We started the match poorly, we were too nervous, and we were pressured to win against European vice-champions, because we want to stay in the race for the final tournament. We haven’t played good Volleyball today, we made too many mistakes although we managed to keep the pace and stay in front most of the match, but obviously we had to dig very hard to win today, as you can see by the result."


France's coach, Philippe Blain: "I would like to congratulate the Serbian team, they were more efficient today. We played very well in the beginning, but unfortunately my team is not ready to play the entire match on such a high level. We have one more opportunity to win, if not we have to redeem against the Chinese over the last weekend."



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